An untold story and a women's rights issue.

A documentary to empower and inspire.

Despite the fact that female drug addiction is an extremely taboo subject in Nepal, 8 brave women openly reveal their intimate struggles to overcome their addiction to Pani; a dangerous injecting cocktail of opioids.

 As outcasts in Kathmandu they will suffer poverty and discrimination, surviving by all means even as sex workers, abused by drug dealers and corrupt police officers. 


Some women manage to undertake the difficult journey of recovery going to one of the few rehab centres for women in Nepal, while others stay behind, unable to escape the misery of addiction.

With its unique and rare intimate access, the film creates empathy, understanding and compassion for women suffering from drug addiction in Nepal. The documentary reflects as well the current worldwide opioid epidemic. 


The Filmmaker

One of the most awarded video journalist of his generation. Raul Gallego Abellan (Sabadell 1976, Catalonia, Spain) has been pioneer in producing innovative and compelling online news and documentaries, experimenting with new ways of news storytelling.

His work with TVE, TV3 Catalonia, The Associated Press Television News and Channel 4 News UK... has led him around the world, to war zones, natural disaster sites,  social unrest, always trying to tell social, empowering and moving stories.


His impactful work has received multiple prestigious awards including The Royal Television Society award, the Edward R. Murrow Award, the WAN-IFRA Asian Digital Media Award and the coveted Miguel Gil Award. 





Not just a documentary, a chance to live again. 

"Pani; Women, Drugs and Kathmandu" documentary was produced with the purpose of having a real impact in the lives of the women that appear in the film, and also to help and inspire other female users that are suffering addiction on their own. 

The documentary is supporting a crowdfunding campaign initiated by Grace Foundation in Nepal, one of the few rehab centres for women in the country. The aim of the crowdfunding is to collect enough money to provide free treatment for female drug users that want to leave behind their addiction but cannot afford any rehab treatment.

The crowdfunding campaign is using the platform GENEROSITY by Indiegogo. 

Please access the website campaign and help. Be part of this movement that literally could save the life of a woman that do not have resources nether the support to start the difficult way of rehab and recovery.  Donate and share the campaign and the documentary link. Thanks!

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